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Supply and repair issues: it’s impact on the insurance industry

Supply and repair issues: it’s impact on the insurance industry

25th March, 2022

From Brexit and the Pandemic to rising fuel costs, high energy prices and a shortage of HGV drivers - the UK economy has literally been turned upside down and inside out over the past couple of years.

The motor insurance industry has unfortunately not escaped unscathed.

According to the National Body Repair Association (NBRA), there are approximately 100,000 damaged vehicles currently waiting to be fixed.

Staff shortages amongst body shops are becoming increasingly prominent. An industry that once attracted a healthy number of apprentices now receives a small fraction of what’s needed to fulfil demand.

The backlog in garages has had a knock on impact on the availability of hire and courtesy vehicles, whilst issues with manufacturing and shipping replacement parts have caused unwanted repair delays across the entire motor insurance industry. 

Here at One Call Insurance, we’re doing our best to ensure that customers who need to make a claim get their vehicle back on the road as soon as physically possible - with the least disruption.

Our team are constantly reviewing and increasing our network of repair centres and working closely with them to ensure we can keep you regularly updated.

We’re currently prioritising unroadworthy vehicles and cannot thank our customers enough for their patience during these extremely strange and challenging times.

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