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One Call Insurance pledges to protect local jobs

One Call Insurance pledges to protect local jobs

Amidst a backdrop of a global pandemic, the looming end to the furlough scheme and early indicators of a rise in unemployment, Doncaster based insurance broker - One Call Insurance has pledged to protect its staff despite challenging market conditions.

This bold statement comes as One Call celebrates its 25th anniversary as a Doncaster employer, having started out in 1995 as a high street broker in a South Yorkshire town.

‘One Call Insurance is well known in the Doncaster area as one of our biggest employers – with more than 750 staff’ Said Managing Director Nik Springthorpe.

‘Being in the service industry, our staff are our most valuable asset. Throughout lockdown, they’ve shown resilience, commitment and passion, which is something I am very grateful for.’

‘Our staff have provided exemplary support to our customers, some of which are vulnerable and/or struggling financially. They’ve handled more than half a million web chats - most of which from home.  In return I’ve made a commitment to do everything I can to protect One Call jobs for at least the next 12 months.’ Continued Springthorpe.

ONS data suggests that in July 2020 the number of employees in the UK on payrolls is down by around 730,000 compared with March 2020. Employment saw the largest falls in a decade, with younger workers, older workers and less skilled workers hit.

The latest figures also show 7.5m temporarily away from their jobs in June. Furlough comes to an end in October, raising fears that many more people will be out of work if under-pressure employers can’t pay them.

Closer to home – we’re seeing large local employers such as Eaton Electrical Systems and Wabtec shedding a significant proportion of their staff – which is worrying for the local economy.
Nik concludes ‘Doncaster isn’t just One Call’s home town, it is also my home town. If I and One Call can help in any way we can, then we will do our best to extend our support to other businesses in the area. We’ve already been talking to both Eaton and Wabtec to offer their staff early access to One Call vacancies.’

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